An Extra Topping of Horror

Brian is perfectly happy delivering pizza to incompetent devil worshipers, lustful demons, show tune singing vampires, possessed little girls who love riddles, and over-affectionate houseplants. His life gets even better when a time traveling babe he rescues tells him they will be lovers in the future. But his carefree life is destroyed when aliens bent […]

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Showgirls and Aliens

A fast fun story about Reptiles vs. Strippers. Alien Reptiles enslave humanity and nothing can stop them. Nothing except a drug using stripper named Nomi. Strippers have to deal with some strange customers, but two powerful, man-sized Reptiles was a first for Nomi. Unfortunately they liked her act too much. Now the feisty stripper has […]

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Howie has a problem: Someone is stealing his mind, and the only one who can help him is a girl who has already lost hers. After meeting Vivian in the lobby of his psychologist’s office, a hundred years of memories flood Howie’s mind. Evil memories of starting five major wars and killing everyone who has […]

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The Genocide Game

I’m gearing up for the release of my latest novel THE GENOCIDE GAME. Here’s the blurb: While teaching an online class on how to pick up women, Guru Stan picks the wrong target. His pick-up, Raven, is a woman who has discovered a plot to remove surplus humans from the planet in order to pave […]

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