Howie has a problem: Someone is stealing his mind, and the only one who can help him is a girl who has already lost hers. After meeting Vivian in the lobby of his psychologist’s office, a hundred years of memories flood Howie’s mind. Evil memories of starting five major wars and killing everyone who has […]

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The Genocide Game

I’m gearing up for the release of my latest novel THE GENOCIDE GAME. Here’s the blurb: While teaching an online class on how to pick up women, Guru Stan picks the wrong target. His pick-up, Raven, is a woman who has discovered a plot to remove surplus humans from the planet in order to pave […]

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About Darrell

Darrell B. Nelson is a former Securities Broker and Insurance Agent who has decided to use the total meltdown of his former industry, and the total destruction of any illusions of personal financial security the meltdown caused, as an opportunity to pursue a writing career. Since then he has published 8 novels. His passion for […]

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