The Time Machine

For a change of pace I thought I’d review a classic book. The Time Machine HG Wells Wow! I read this a long time ago, and remembered liking it. I read it again and was floored. The cliche, “it held up well” is an understatement. It would take an afternoon to rewrite it to change […]

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Grounded: A Dragon’s Tale Gloria Piper Another solid book by Gloria Piper There is a lot of ideas and themes running through this novel, but it hard to notice, in a good way. It is easy for a writer to get bogged down in layers of ideas and themes piled on ideas and themes until […]

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Long Pig Gloria Piper Better than most fantasy I’m not really into fantasy, having said that I did enjoy this book. I found the fantasy aspects of this to be “just enough”. The book focuses on Angelina, a cult member whose placed in charge of a young, “recruit” Connie. This places her maternal instincts against […]

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