Been Busy

I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog as a lot of exciting things have been happening.

First the breaking news. I finished my book iROMANCE and that means a lot of real work after. Proofreads, critiques, beta reads. All the stuff to turn it from a bunch of scribbles into a polished novel.

Then cover art and blurb:

iRomance Shattered 1

How could one stray text change the world?

When Otis gets a picture from an old friend, he didn’t expect to be tossed into a cross-country investigation to find his friend’s killer. He just wanted to go home to his cat.

With the help of tech investigator, Cynthia Bootwong, Otis finds his murdered friend’s work has world changing implications. One’s that can send the United States into another civil war, this time with nukes.

But even the potential of nuclear war doesn’t prepare him for the truth he uncovers.

There are still a few things to iron out, but it should go on sale soon.

While working on the cover art I looked at some of my old covers and decided they could use an update. So I looked at my “problem child” of a cover, An Extra Topping of Horror, which everyone says needs a better cover and offer suggestions that IMHO would look horrible (I just can’t see their vision). So here is an other go at that:

An Extra Topping of Horror 4

I like it for now.

For my collections of short stories: Darrell’s Dark Dreams I read the reviews and how people said they had the Twilight Zone theme going through their heads. That is a fair description the stories are like some of the darker Twilight Zone episodes. I ran with it.


This cover is much more reflective than the old one.

I took the same theme and ran for some of my free short stories:

A home to die for

I think this is significantly creepy to represent the story.

Same with this:

Repossing sanity

The new cover reflects the dark nature of the story.

During all this I had an exciting new idea for a new adventure for Nomi, my smart mouthed gymnast turned stripper.

Sorry for not updating this blog for so long.


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