On Bullying

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R. Michael

Bullying has gotten much more attention in recent years finally.  It is a topic I feel passionately about since ten years of my life was spent being bullied.  It isn’t something I talk about much, not because I’m afraid to or because I see myself as a victim, but I simply prefer to read about how others overcame their bullying situations.  Being bullied leaves permanent scars and changes a person for most if not all his/her life.  It is something that can unfortunately happen to anyone at any time.  The victim doesn’t have to be disabled, a minority, obese, or gay.  It happens for irrational reasons because it is an irrational response to perceived differences.

When you have been bullied, your self-worth and self-esteem hit the floor.  Everyone around you will say that you shouldn’t put stock in what other people say about you.  Your value isn’t in what people…

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