Side Characters VII

Visugoth and Ben:

This is a dream as old as time. That wars could be replaced by honorable sport. The problem is athletes are no more honorable than the general public. What if they were, what if the old arms race with the Soviet Union had been replaced with sports? What if this went on for thousands of years?

That is how I pictured Visugoth and Ben, warriors who only thought that one thing was more important than victory, and that was acting honorably.

Thank you for calling the Pizza Joint, Will this be for Carry-Out or Delivery?” He automatically answered. His automatic response was greeted by a loud purring. He looked around the kitchen that didn’t have any orders up and decided that he had time to humor the sweet plant.

Hey Audrey, would you like to hear our specials?” He asked and was rewarded with louder purring and the sound of leaves rustling, so he read off the list of specials. He was slightly worried that the plant might hurt itself as it was purring very loud by the time he finished listing off the specials. He looked down and saw another line was ringing in. “Sorry Audrey, I’ve got to go now, I’ll talk to you later.”

Thank you for calling the Pizza Joint, Will this be for Carry-Out or Delivery?” He automatically answered hanging up on Audrey and picking up the second line.

Delivery, definitely Delivery,” the odd sounding voice on the phone replied.

And what can I get you?” he asked as he hit the button for delivery.

Your largest Pepperoni Pizza,” the voice said.

Anything else?” Brian asked as he tapped in the order for an extra-large pizza.

That is all,” the strange voice said.

Ok and the name?” Brian said expecting a strange name to match the voice.

Ben,” the voice said.

Brian quickly took down the address and credit card information and told him he’d be out in 30 minutes.

That’s very honorable.” The voice said and hung up.

* * *

Visugoth kneeled before his Emperor, as he received the second highest honor that any warrior could receive.

Visugoth,” the Emperor said. “You have proven worthy of representing me, and the Empire in this ultimate match. You have proven yourself worthy by beating out all other contenders for this position and have shown you are the Empire’s finest warrior.

As our finest warrior you are being sent to represent us in the field of battle. With your victory in the field you earn your glory.”

When the cameras were off and the ceremonial speech ended, the Emperor motioned Visugoth to rise, “I want you to know I’ve personally watched your progress and feel confident that you will secure victory for the Empire this time, making up for our humiliating defeat last time. I don’t need to tell you how much is riding on your victory.”

No, Your Highness, It is what I was bred for,” Visugoth said. “The hunger for victory is in my very genes.”

Visugoth wasn’t exaggerating, he had been genetically engineered to be the ultimate fighting machine. The rules of the combat had been laid out centuries ago. Two warriors would face off on a primitive planet and duel in one of that planet’s sports. No advanced technology was allowed, only the planet’s own equipment, but the rules didn’t say anything about genetic engineering.

For centuries the contest wasn’t merely that of the warrior’s will but an arms race between each side’s genetic engineers to see who could design the best all around warrior. As the individual sport wasn’t announced until the two warriors where on the planet, the engineers needed to make a warrior that could compete in everything.

This time the contest was to be held on Earth, so Visugoth became an expert in all forms of Earth sports, from Sumo Wrestling to Basketball he was able beat all his fellow contestants for this spot.

To victory!” the Emperor shouted.

To victory!” Visugoth repeated, the very words filling his heart with a thirst for combat.

As he stepped onto the pad of the Quantum Displacer his heart was still racing in anticipation of combat.

* * *

On Earth he landed in the living room of a small two-bedroom home.

It won’t be a sport that involves running, I guess,” he commented looking around.

No I’m afraid not.” His enemy startled him by coming out of the kitchen.

Looking at his foe Visugoth was silently grateful. His foe had been designed with long grasshopper-like legs. Good for running and jumping, but not so good for the shear brute strength needed for some of Earths other contests like wrestling or weight lifting. It appeared Visugoth’s designers had given him the advantage when they chose his more muscular legs.

I see you’re early,” Visugoth said.

As are you,” his foe replied, “Ben by the way, and you are?”

Visugoth, the invincible.”

We’ll see about that.” Ben smiled with his extra-large mouth that had been designed to give him the advantage in a pie-eating contest, revealing three-inch fangs. “By the way I ordered a pizza. I thought it might be nice before the contest.”

Well, I could go for a slice or two,” Visugoth said then remembered something, “Wait, Earth is a capitalist society, how did you get money for pizza?”

It’s okay, I guess you are automatically pre-approved for a credit card the second you arrive on this planet. It has a 30% interest rate, but I doubt they’ll come to collect.” Ben said.

Visugoth laughed at that image and as he did the spikes on his exo-skeleton rattled, “No, that’s highly unlikely.”

He had just stopped laughing when the doorbell rang. Ben opened it up to see Brian standing with his warming bag at the door.

Good…” Brian smile turned to horror as he saw the two creatures that had ordered the pizzas.

Well hello,” Ben said, when Brian didn’t say anything he continued. “I believe you have something for us?”

Uh-huh.” Brian automatically reached in the warming bag and pulled out the pizza.

Excellent,” Ben said taking the box.

Oh, I need you to sign.” Brian snapped out of his trance.

Of course.” Ben smiled and took the credit card receipt out of Brian’s shaking hands.

I’m afraid I don’t have any money to give you a tip.” Ben said handing Brian back the sign credit card slip. “You might come in and ask my friend if he has any money?”

That’s okay, I’m fine,” Brian said looking over at Visugoth. “You have a nice night, I’ve got a lot of runs to make. Bye.”

Brian quickly turned and walked back to his car as quickly as he could.

That was cruel,” Visugoth said to Ben.

Oh, but so fun.” Ben scarped down a slice of pizza.

* * *

After they ate the pizza the referee arrived.

Gentlemen, this will be a one on one contest,” the referee told them. “The chosen game is … Chess.”

Visugoth watched carefully as the referee set up the chessboard. He knew the rules but hadn’t spent as much time studying it as he did some of the other sports. But he was determined that victory would be his. After all the victor got to light the torch in the next Intergalactic Olympics.

Motivations – They have literally been programmed before birth not only to win, but to win without breaking the rules. They will give it everything they have to defeat their opponent, then go out for a beer with them.

Actions – Both are confident to the edge of arrogance, but respectful of each other. Sharing a Pizza before combat shows this. Latter they go out for a beer together.

Obstacles – Each other.

These two were fun to write, and later they help Brian.

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