Side Characters IV Carl

Carl from An Extra Topping of Horror:

Then you know what you are here to do,” the queen said. “For years an Evil Kitten has terrorized this land. The most valiant of my warriors have gone out to tame the kitten, never to return. I have offered many rewards to whomever could rid this land of this Evil Kitten, gold, jewels, the finest silk I will gladly give it to whomever can rid this land of the Evil Kitten. Many a proud warrior ventured out to slay the kitten, few returned.”

Carl added, “For those that returned unsuccessful I gladly cut off their heads.”

Then I remembered the prophecy about how only Brian, the Deliverer, can ever free this land from the Evil Kitten. I, I mean We,” The queen continued and pointed to Dr. Rayburn, “Were told of this prophecy before we were separated. I’ve searched the land for Brian the Deliverer and to him I will pledge anything if he can deliver us from this evil. My kingdom, my riches, even what I hold most precious, my body…”

You never offered that to me.” Carl interrupted.

Well Carl, you see I like you as a friend and a guard and no one, I mean no one, severs people’s heads like you do, but, um, it would be awkward… Can we discuss this later?” Queen Amanda told him.

Carl was a great side character. He loved his Queen and was great at his job. His job was severing heads. Like everyone who is good at something he believes if he gets better at his craft he will impress everyone enough that he will get anything he desires.

But Carl knows in order to get good at something you must constantly practice. So anytime the opportunity presented itself and he had a chance to sever somebody’s head he would quickly volunteer. He’s the type person that really is honored when chosen to be “Employee of the Month.”

So he isn’t a bad person, he just has a skill and wants to use it to impress everyone. He could be a role-model if his skill wasn’t severing people’s heads.

Motivation – He loves his Queen and seeks her attention and the adoration of others by showing off his skill.

Actions – He severs people’s heads whenever he gets the chance.

Obstacles – Most people, the Queen included, don’t see headsevering as a goal in itself, more as a means to an end.

Even though Carl was very one dimensional, he really showed off Brian’s character. The typical reaction to someone threatening to cut off their head is anger and denial. They might also think someone threatening to sever their head is a bad person. Brian’s reaction:

Carl’s last words to them were, “You will return with the kitten’s head, or I shall gladly take yours.”

Carl got even more upset when Brian told him, “You’ve really got to find a new hobby.”

That sums up Brian’s attitude towards others: no judgments, but willing to point out areas in their lives they can improve.

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