Side Characters III

Side Characters III Molly and Dolly

From “An Extra Topping of Horror”

Okay,” She looked at the last order, “Who would order a pizza that is half carnivore delight and half Veggie Supreme?”

Apparently, The Dents at 22 Twin Pines Rd. It’s a new customer so I don’t know anything about them,” Brian said.

The inspiration for this one is obvious. I got an order for half Meat and half Veggie. A little odd that people with such varied tastes would split a pizza, but to each his own. My mind ran with it.

Brian rang the doorbell of his new customer with his well-practiced cheerful face. He had found it makes things go smoother if he was smiling when the customer answered the door. When the door opened it was all he could do to keep his smile, his customer had two heads.

Good Evening,” He told the girl, or girls, with two heads that opened the door.

Hi,” The head with purple hair, heavy jet black eyeliner, tattoos of stitches at the end of her mouth, and multiple nose piercing said, “I’m glad you got here I’m starved.”

You’re always starved, Molly.” The head that had straight blonde hair and blue eyeliner on told her and then turned to address Brian, “How much do we owe you?”


Here’s $15.” She held out three fives in her nicely manicured right hand, “You’ll have to get the rest from her.” She nodded at her other head.

Damn it, Dolly. You’re taking my last dime,” the other head said as her left hand that had her nails clipped short and painted black reached in her pocket and pulled out a ten.

Well if you didn’t insist on every type of meat on the planet being thrown in it would be cheaper,” Dolly told her other head.

We can’t all be Vegetarians you know,” Molly said.

Um, enjoy your pizza.” Brian interrupted their argument, pushing the pizza towards them.

Oh yeah,” Dolly said as they took the pizza. “Thanks.”

No problem, you have a nice night.” Brian smiled.

You too.” Molly smiled.

As Brian made his way back to the car he could hear them still bickering back and forth about the health benefits of a meat diet vs. a vegetarian diet.

What if two people with very different tastes shared not only a pizza, but a body. Even though in real life they would have to learn to compromise, in comedy it would be funny if they didn’t. So one insisted on every meat and one on a strict vegetarian diet.

Making one Goth and one Straight-laced makes the reader imagine even more extreme differences in other parts of their lives.

With Molly and Dolly I left it to the reader to imagine their Motivations, Actions, and Obstacles.

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