Halloween (the original)

With the release of a new Halloween movie, two new generations of movie goers are checking out the original film. Some of the scenes that made perfect sense to the Baby Boomers, are lost on them. As a GenXer I will try and put them in context.

  1. Micheal’s sister and boyfriend go up stairs to have sex, Micheal searches through the kitchen drawers to find a knife. By the time he finds the knife and goes up stairs they are done with sex and in after glow.

    In the 70s the female orgasm was considered a myth, the idea of a man pleasuring a woman was not discussed. So the “Gone in 60 seconds” style sex was considered the man showing mercy on his girlfriend by not forcing her to “endure” sex for too long. Millennials and iGens grew up after the female orgasm was “discovered” and giving females time to enjoy sex became a thing.

  2. How did Micheal learn to drive a car?

    The 70s were a strange time as far as Motor Vehicle Laws went. In order to combat the staggering number of Car Crashes, Driver’s Ed was a big thing. But enforcement, not so much. For instance, Drinking and Driving would only get you a fine. Only newer cars had seat-belts mandatory. So Micheal learning to drive as he went wouldn’t get him pulled over.

  3. Why did Micheal stalk Laurie?

    This movie was made 15 years before stalking became illegal. In the 70s a guy could see an underage girl and follow her around, scaring the hell out of her, make her life a living hell and it was totally legal. That is why Dr. Loomis had to convince the Sheriff that Micheal was a deranged lunatic stalking Laurie, not just some normal stalker. This was the whole point of the movie. Having random guys stalking you with no idea about their intentions was something women of that time lived with. That is why the market for slasher films is 55% female. Before 1993, a guy could stalk a girl and if she reported it the cops, they couldn’t do anything until he did something illegal, like kill her. So women of the time watched that movie because it was something they all worried about happening. Sure, the majority of stalkers were just social misfits, but the one in ten that was a psychopath? The movie struck a cord with them as they all thought it, but finally someone is saying it publicly.

  4. How did Loomis’s gun fire seven shots?

    How did Luke Skywalker shoot a Stormtrooper in his chest and kill the Stormtrooper next to him?

  5. How come some streets were wet and other bright and sunny?

    In the 70s weather was a local event, it wasn’t until 1982 that the Weather Channel made weather a national thing. So it might rain on your street but leave the neighbors totally dry.


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