Interview with Dennis Meredith

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You are the head of the tourist board for your book’s world, how would you promote it to get people to stop by?

Enjoy all the benefits of our amazing Helper androids, as well as the… personal… services of our alluring Intimorphs.

What is your main character’s favorite animal?

Since he’s a former SEAL, probably a Great White shark

What are your views on sentient houseplants?

I believe in the concept of panspermia, in which Earth was seeded with life from the cosmos. And as a matter of fact, I’m planning a novel featuring invasive, alien, sentient plants!

Who is your favorite fictional Artificial Intelligence character, and why?

Robby the Robot from the seminal scifi flick Forbidden Planet. He was so cool and could synthesize booze! In fact, I actually met him.

Dennis and Robby

Name three things that you think will be obsolete in ten years?

Supermarkets (because of home delivery)

Personal vehicles (because everybody will use shared rides)

Keys (because of biometric locks)

If you could have a wild whirlwind romance with any fictional character from an indie novel, who would that be and why?

Um… it would have to be serial romances with characters from my own novels. My dilemma is that all my novels have strong female characters whom I have become enamored of. There’s the exotic CDC epidemiologist Kathleen Shinohara [], athletic geologist Dacey Livingstone [], dedicated primatologist Abigail Philips [], courageous nurse Annie Davis [], and now android-slaying lawyer Leah Jensen [].

Who is your favorite indie writer and book?

Me (immodestly, but honestly); The Cerulean’s Secret []

What did you edit out of this book, and what did you (or will) do with that material?

In some cases, I totally geeked out on the computer stuff and put in far too much detail on how I thought the android operating system would work.

If I was the Genie out of my story, The Genie and the Breadsticks, what 3 wishes would you make? (I will fictionally grant them here.)

–To be able to write all the novels whose plots are spinning around in my head (I’m now up to 24!)

Your wish is my command! You now have Hypergraphia, a mental condition that makes you compulsively want to write or draw. You will go into fits of blind rage if something interrupts your writing, like the need to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom. Any time you are away from your writing is like being in the bottom level of hell. You are unable to edit your works as that will draw you away from writing.

–To watch my wonderful kids and grandkids be incredibly successful and happy.

Your wish is my command! Like Billy Pilgrim, you have been unstuck in time. You randomly jump from one time to the next. Never having any context as to why you are there. Because of your Hypergraphia you go into fits of rage as seeing your kids and grandkids draws you away from writing, spoiling every happy or successful moment they have. Added to this you appear near anyone not directly related to you at their times of weakness causing them to die, but leaving any wealth to your kids and grandkids.

–To have all the exotic succulents I want to plant. (I’m a total addict to those plants.)

Your wish is my command! You have all the exotic succulents you ever wished to plant. They sit just outside your grasp. Because of your Hypergraphia, you can’t stop writing long enough to plant them. They will forever stay in your sight a constant reminder of the world beyond your keyboard. A world that you will never be a part of again.

(Your life is looking pretty good now, isn’t it?)

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Spinach and feta

What is the worst advice on writing that you have ever received?

To become a chemist and do my writing on the side. Fortunately, I got jobs as a science writer at universities, so I was able to write on the job *and* write novels and freelance on the side.

How can we find your books?

Check out all my fiction and nonfiction books, and my communication consulting, at

My thoughts:

First off, I’d like to thank Dennis for doing this, mine aren’t normal questions, and some authors feel the time it takes to answer them isn’t worth the tiny amount of exposure.

It takes all sorts of plants to make the world go round. My over-affectionate houseplant in AN EXTRA TOPPING OF HORROR, wasn’t really invasive, unless you count how she slithered into my heroes heart, and hopefully the readers.

Surely, Robbie the Robot was a great artificial intelligence, and sorry about calling you Shirley.

The obsolescence of Keys and Personal Vehicles features heavily into my upcoming novel iROMANCE. I agree about supermarkets and retail in general. An interesting thing, you can find Brick and Mortar locations online at

I fall in love with my female leads as well. If fictional characters ever start a #metoo movement I think most male authors will be screwed.

I feel sorry for granting the author his wishes, but there is an old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”


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