Indie Writers

Indie Writers and the Last Crusade

If I had to give young writers advice, I would say don’t listen to writers talking about writing or themselves.”
—Lillian Hellman

Search the Internet and you will find two absolute rules about being an Indie Author.

  1. Reach out and connect with your readers.

  2. Never, under any circumstances, contact someone who reviewed one of your books.

I like the first rule, but the second rule seems to clash with the first.

I’ve written a lot of reviews, and I personally like it when the author contacts me. I do understand there are two reasons why some people say you should never contact a reviewer, one legitimate and one not.

The legitimate reason is as an author you’ve lived with this character for six weeks to a year. Then someone takes a quick glance at them and judges them. It’s hard not to get emotional over that.

The illegitimate reason, is some reviews are written by the same people who get on message boards, shout stupid baseless accusations, followed by illogical statements, and name calling. Then get upset when you call them out.

So I would like to try an experiment, I’d like to hear from authors I’ve reviewed and get their feedback, not only on the review but their views on the craft, the vision, and their thoughts on writing.

Think of this as part writers workshop, part venting over reviews, and part author interview, or maybe just a bunch of writers babbling to themselves.

I do want all the authors I’ve reviewed to know two things. First, I know you love your characters, you see things in them that I haven’t. Two, I make mistakes, I know from time to time I’ve probably criticized someone for something that wasn’t even in their novel. All I can say is a great book needs three things. A writer, a reader, and imagination. The first two are self explanatory, the last, imagination, has to be present in both the reader and writer. Sorry if my imagination went the wrong way. I promise, I won’t get upset if you point out I made a mistake.

I will publish any responses, however if I feel the responses cast the author in a bad light I will ask them if they wish to rephrase it before publishing it.


Emma Jaye

Jon Zelig


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