Make your husband your boyfriend again.

Make your husband your boyfriend again.

I received a like for this review, so I thought I’d post it here.

As a man who has been married for 27 years I totally agree with the paragraph in the first chapter of this book:

“A lifelong love affair doesn’t just happen. It comes to couples who make it a priority and learn how to keep it hot, regardless of everything else that clamors for their attention.”

That being said, it is hard for a relationship to compete with, “everything else that clamors for their attention”.

It’s nice to have a book like this to remind me of the importance of taking a little time to renew the passion.

A large portion of the book covers lifestyle and health. While it’s true that it’s hard to be sexy when you are spending all your energy trying to survive, I feel the book spent a little too much time on it.

As a comic relief the end of the book adds a “Marriage Survival Guide” from the 1800s, which today could be considered a “How to torture your Husband Guide.”

Overall I liked it but it didn’t mention the most important thing I have found to help a marriage. Never miss “Hug Your Wife Day”. I’ve never been told what calendar day that is, so I make sure to hug my wife at least once a day to make sure I never miss it.



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