The Time Machine

The-Time-Machine-H-G-WellsFor a change of pace I thought I’d review a classic book.


The Time Machine

HG Wells

Wow! I read this a long time ago, and remembered liking it. I read it again and was floored. The cliche, “it held up well” is an understatement. It would take an afternoon to rewrite it to change the 1895 writing style to the twenty-first century style and it could be published today.

I’m always nervous to read the books I loved in childhood, as some of the greats have huge flaws (by today’s standards) that I put up with then, but I have to hold my nose and read on now. The Time Machine isn’t one. It is still great.

To show how it is still relevant today, I pulled this book up when a reviewer of one of my books wrote that Greater Cincinnati is underground (looking out my window, I can testify it is above ground). I got to thinking of how nice it would be if it were actually underground, a nice constant cool environment rather than having all three seasons in a week. About how abandoned malls (not technically underground, but close) are being changed into apartments. I could see the large metro areas slowly evolving to be underground. After all if you live in a skyscraper would it be truly different if your luxury condo was 40 stories underground, rather than 40 stories above ground?

I got thinking of how us city dwellers could become Morlocks to get away from the Upper Class and rural folk. If you listen to the media, you’d think that us city dwellers (Morlocks) and the rural people (Eloi) are already different species.

In the Time Machine, Wells only went into the edge of the Morlocks area, the ghetto, where the Morlocks had finally had enough of the Eloi living off their work and were beginning to fight back. The Morlocks would have had a much more thriving society deeper in the ground.

I highly recommend this book. The only way it could be more current would be if all the Eloi, gathered around a Morlock, who promised to “Make Eloi great again” and build a wall to protect them from the Morlocks who weren’t sending their greatest up to the surface.


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