Why be a Bad Scientist?

mad-scientist-labThe opportunities for bad scientists has never been better. Not just in the writing field, although there are many historical dramas that shed light onto what playlists Spartacus had on his ipod when fighting the Romans. The cable news networks also require many bad scientists to research the effects of the Bowling Green Massacre, explain why Carbon Dioxide molecules don’t absorb light in the 14 millimeter range. Cable channels need alien, ghost and Bigfoot hunters, maybe even someone to hunt the ghost of Alien Bigfoot? Legislators need Bad Scientists in order to back up claims that make no sense. The public needs Bad Scientists to confirm their worldview when reality is clearly biased against it.

Real Science is hard, it takes a long time to learn, worst of all it is neutral. If a politician asks an Economist, “What economic system guarantees full employment?” and the Economist answers truthfully, “The hunter-gatherer model.” That economist will be fired. People don’t want scientists to tell them reality, they want them to tell them what they want to hear. That is why Bad Scientists get hired.

When people believe something, they don’t want to find out how it can be false! Yet the first thing a Good Scientist does is find out how something can be falsified. A Bad Scientist sets out to confirm their beliefs.

Psychologists recognize that Denial is an important coping mechanism. Denial functions to protect the ego from things the individual can not cope with. Living in a state of denial requires a lot of energy on the part of the individual. That is where the Bad Scientist fits in.

For individuals who need to take a break from expending the energy it takes to maintain their state of Denial the Bad Science of Science Fiction and Historical Dramas offer a nice break for them to relax and decide if they wish to continue their denial or face reality.

For individuals more committed to their denial they need to turn to either inconclusive research or Pseudoscience. Like anything else if you find a task is too much work to do on your own, you can pay people to help you. If maintaining your denial is too much work, you can find Pseudo-scientists to back up your denial.

Psychologists call this enabling, but a Bad Scientist knows when to misuse a scientific principle and say how a mathematician can claim, “3+3=6 and 2+4=6, but I can’t say which is better.” A Bad Scientist can say, “Comforting vs. Enabling, I can’t say which is better.”

An other coping mechanism is Rationalization, explaining the unacceptable idea in a logical sounding manner. Unfortunately, many people can’t form their own logical sounding excuses. A Bad Scientist is there to help, and profit from this.

Without the hard work (at least work) of Bad Scientists, many people would be defenseless against reality’s constant attacks on their worldview. Bad Scientists give them the means to fight back.

So please support my efforts to be a Bad Scientist by leaving a comment. In return I will give you a coupon for my book of short stories: DARRELL’S DARK DREAMS so you can take a break from the attacks of reality.


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