“I don’t take reviews very seriously,

but in their totality I think they are representative

of how the audience feels,

and of what their reaction is.

There’s always one guy who doesn’t get it.”

David Zucker.

When I look at the reviews of my books from the “guy who doesn’t get it”, it gets me wondering why people don’t get that I am a moral absolutist. With THE GENOCIDE GAME, I got a few reviews from people wondering why my protagonists thought someone releasing a virus that would kill 99.6% of the human species should be stopped.

As a moral absolutist, I will say loudly that Killing 7.2 Billion people is wrong! In the book I laid out the Villain’s reasoning, but I seriously thought that everyone in the world would have that voice in the back of their head saying, “Killing 7.2 Billion people is wrong!” I can only hope they only don’t hear that voice when immersed in a fictional world, not when they are walking around interacting with their fellow human beings.

Oddly enough it made me feel a little better about the strange reviews I got for MIND THIEF. The premise of the book was based on the logical fallacy of “Moral Equivalence”, drawing false comparisons between two phenomena which are not equivalent.

I took something that is personally moral reprehensible, rape, and compared it to things that are Globally reprehensible, Genocide, Involuntary Human Experimentation, War for Personal Gain, One individual owning another, infanticide, killing of 100s of millions of people, and a few other things I consider, “bad”.

Being a moral absolutist, I thought that everyone would consider these things, “bad”.

I never thought that someone would think that somehow the holocaust, Stalin’s purge of 10s of millions of people and all those other things were “good” and therefore adding those things were “Condoning” rape.

On the other end of the spectrum, a reviewer was even more of a moral absolutist than I am and drew the moral equivalence of plagiarizing on an essay to rape, and therefore equivalent to Genocide (I guess). I really don’t know as that same reviewer said my heroine wasn’t bi-sexual, just really bad at being straight.

Please comment on why reviewers don’t understand that I am a moral absolutist and I will send you a coupon for my collection of short stories DARRELL’S DARK DREAMS, which includes the story YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT where a man justifies Cannibalism to his victim, and gets him to agree.


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