Make your husband your boyfriend again.

Make your husband your boyfriend again. I received a like for this review, so I thought I’d post it here. As a man who has been married for 27 years I totally agree with the paragraph in the first chapter of this book: “A lifelong love affair doesn’t just happen. It comes to couples who […]

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The Cobblepotts: Confederate Chipmunks & Carny Cooter (Kindle Edition)

The Cobblepotts: Confederate Chipmunks & Carny Cooter (Kindle Edition) by Bill Jacks This rambling stream of consciousness story works well. It reminds me of a Mark Twain short story, the title I can’t remember, where a man asks a famous person in town about something leading to a tale of everything but what he asked. […]

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The Time Machine

For a change of pace I thought I’d review a classic book. The Time Machine HG Wells Wow! I read this a long time ago, and remembered liking it. I read it again and was floored. The cliche, “it held up well” is an understatement. It would take an afternoon to rewrite it to change […]

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Grounded: A Dragon’s Tale Gloria Piper Another solid book by Gloria Piper There is a lot of ideas and themes running through this novel, but it hard to notice, in a good way. It is easy for a writer to get bogged down in layers of ideas and themes piled on ideas and themes until […]

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Long Pig Gloria Piper Better than most fantasy I’m not really into fantasy, having said that I did enjoy this book. I found the fantasy aspects of this to be “just enough”. The book focuses on Angelina, a cult member whose placed in charge of a young, “recruit” Connie. This places her maternal instincts against […]

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Showgirls and Aliens: First Chapter

CHAPTER 1: SNAKES ON A STAGE Nomi had no problem getting naked in front of the crowd; It was the snakes that bothered her. Beneath her feet two dozen snakes appeared. A less devoted stripper might lose their rhythm, but she was a pro. Using her dancing skills she managed to gracefully high step and […]

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Why be a Bad Scientist?

The opportunities for bad scientists has never been better. Not just in the writing field, although there are many historical dramas that shed light onto what playlists Spartacus had on his ipod when fighting the Romans. The cable news networks also require many bad scientists to research the effects of the Bowling Green Massacre, explain […]

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